COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice

COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice. 

Referral of clients

COSCA's policy on the referral of clients.

Retention of client records when a counselling service ceases

COSCA's policy on the retention of client records of member organisations and individual members when delivery of counselling and psychotherapy ceases


Working Ethically and Legally with Domestic Abuse - COSCA's Guideline

Members of COSCA are encouraged to follow this guideline on domestic abuse.


The Duty of Candour - COSCA's Guidance

COSCA's guidance on the duty of candour.

Client/Counsellor Relationships Post Counselling - COSCA Policy Position

This is COSCA's policy position on client/counsellor relationships post counselling.


Contract: Participating in Recordings of Practice Sessions

This is a proposed contract for participating in recordings of practice counselling skills/counselling sessions.


COSCA Guidance on Responding to Critical Incidents

COSCA Guidance on Responding to Critical Incidents (for Counsellors and Psychotherapists).


COSCA Guideline on Online Networking, Email and Social Media

COSCA Guideline on Online Networking, Email and Social Media. 


COSCA Guideline on the Suitability of Premises

The premises in which counselling and psychotherapy takes place should be suitable for the establishment and maintenance of a positive and safe therapeutic relationship between the client and the counsellor and/or psychotherapist.


COSCA Guideline on the Use of Technologies

COSCA Guideline on the Use of Technologies in Counselling/Psychotherapy, Supervision and the Use of Counselling Skills.

COSCA General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Guidance and Information

Information and Guidance for Individual and Organisational Members of COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland)

Conversion Practices: COSCA Statement

COSCA statement on Conversion Practices

Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme

Information regarding the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme.

Getting It Right For Every Child

GIRFEC article from COSCA Journal Summer 2010.


Data Recording: COSCA Guidelines on Use and Storage

COSCA Guidelines for Data Recording: use and storge of tapes, discs and electronic material. 


Electronic Record Keeping - Points for COSCA Members to Consider

Points for COSCA Member Organisations and Individual Members to consider relating to Electronic Record Keeping.


Exploring Ethical Decision Making

The following two videos are presented by Kay Kennedy and are COSCA audio slide presentations on exploring ethical decision making.

Part 1: Exploring Decision Making

Part 2: Ethical Grid


Note Keeping - Points for Organisations to Consider

This paper on Note Keeping gives important considerations for counselling and counselling skills organisations.


Record Keeping - COSCA Guideline

COSCA Guideline on record keeping. 

COSCA Guidance on Clinical Professional Wills

COSCA Guidance on the preparation of Clinical Professional Wills for Counsellors/Supervisors.

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