Course Validation - General


COSCA Validation Panel Meeting Date

Cut off date for receipt of information for the COSCA Course Validation Panel meeting is August the 30th 2024.

Annual Monitoring Form for all Courses

Annual Monitoring Form for use by all COSCA validated course providers. Course providers are required to complete this form on an annual basis and submit it for the attention of the COSCA Course Validation Panel.

Application to Make Changes to Existing Validation

This form may be used by validated course providers who wish to make application to change their existing course validation e.g. delivery, setting, content or personnel.


COSCA Validated courses mapped on to the SCQF

This doucment contains information on delivering COSCA validated courses mapped onto the SCQF.


Course Handbook Order Form - COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate Course

This form allows for the ordering of COSCA Handbooks for the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate Course. You are also able to reserve Handbooks by using this form.


Course Handbook Order Form - COSCA Courses - Counselling Supervision/Further Steps/Group Counselling Skills

This form allows for the ordering of COSCA Handbooks for the COSCA Counselling Supervision Course, COSCA Further Steps in Counselling Skills (Volume I) and COSCA Group Counselling Skills Course. You are also able to reserve Handbooks by using this form. 


Course Participant Information Request Form

This data protection form requires to be completed by anyone requesting information relating to course participant database registration.


Course Participant Registration Form

This form requires to be used for the registration/certification of all participants on COSCA Validated Courses.


Guide for External Assessor Report to COSCA (Validated Courses)

A guide for the submission of the External Assessor Report for COSCA Validated Courses.


Non-COSCA Accredited Trainers: Application to Deliver Training on a COSCA Validated Course

The Application to Deliver Training on a COSCA Validated Course is required to be completed by non COSCA Accredited Trainers prior to delivering training and submitted to the Course Validation Panel by the training provider. Please download.


Non-COSCA Accredited Trainers: Report of Competence

If relevant, the Non-COSCA Accredited Trainers Report of Competence form should be completed on application for Validation, Revalidation and with the Annual Monitoring Form.


Reasonable Adjustments for Students on COSCA Validated Courses

Information on reasonable adjustments for students on COSCA validated courses.


Revalidation Application Form

The COSCA Revalidation application form for use by all COSCA validated providers. Revalidation is a requirement of continued COSCA validation. Providers are asked to check their validation status and submit this Revalidation application 5 years from date of Initial Validation being awarded. 

Revalidation Application Form - word version

Please click the title above for the word version of the revalidation docume

Trainer Feedback Form

COSCA would appreciate validated course trainers completing this form and submitting it to the COSCA Development Officer. This is a vital means of COSCA gaining information on the courses it validates in terms of reviewing Guidelines, etc.


Training Venue Guideline

This Training Venue Guideline provides information on how to ensure that training is accessible.

Summary of Validation Requirements Ongoing

Information on validation requirements ongoing.



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